Taal Levi, Kirsten Silvius, L. Flamarion de Oliveira and José Fragoso paper in Biotropica

staring into space
Amazonian Squirrel Monkey (photo Jose Fragoso)

Levi T., Silvius K.M., Oliveira L.F.B., Cummings A.R. and Fragoso J.M.V. 2013.  Competition and facilitation in the Capuchin-Squirrel Monkey Relationship. Biotropica, 45:636-643.     

Note: the above paper was highlighted as an “editor’s choice” article by Biotropica: http://biotropica.org/september-2013-editors-choice/

View complete article: 

Levi & Fragoso 2013 Competition & Facilitation Capuchins

Abstract in Portuguese is available in the online version of this article.

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