Dr. José MV Fragoso is a leading ecologist and researcher in his field and has dedicated his life and work to the conservation of wildlife, and working with indigenous peoples across the globe. He is currently a visiting professor at the University of Brasilia, a professor (by courtesy) at San Francisco State University,  and is an affiliated researcher with the Institute for Biodiversity Science and Sustainability at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, and the Center for Biodiversity Studies in the Amazon (CENBam) in Manaus, Brazil. He is a long-time member of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation – ATBC, and in 2016 was recognized for outstanding service as Chair and co-Chair of the ATBC Conservation Committee. He has also been recognized for his contributions by the International Congress of Wildlife Management and Conservation in Amazonia and South America.

He is co-editor of the book People in Nature: Wildlife Conservation in the Neotropics; of the case study Wildlife Management at the Rio das Mortes Xavante Reserve, Mato Grosso, Brazil: Integrating Indigenous Culture and Scientific Method for Conservation, as well as multiple articles in international journals such as Nature-Ecology and Evolution, Ecology, Journal of Ecology and Conservation Biology.  His body of work makes a significant contribution to our present day understanding of ecology and wildlife conservation.

His work has been featured on NBC, National Public Radio (NPR) USA, Fox News, O Globo  (Brazil), The Australian, Stanford University News, The Times, Science Daily, The Smithsonian Magazine and more.  To view a list of his features, click here.

To view Dr. Fragoso’s publications, click here.

When he’s not doing research, he loves to photograph the wildlife and peoples of the villages he visits. To view José’s photography, please visit his Instagram page:

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